Transport With Modern Technology: The AVT Train

AVT Shuttle Dock With TrainTechnological innovations have immensely aided us in the transformation from the most primitive means of transport, to the smart, convenient, and advanced ones. The progress of development is continuous and never stops to surprise us with exceptional discoveries and inventions. In turn, these surprises are in the vast majority of cases devoted to the benefit and welfare of mankind, so we may say that technology is being projected positively, although some exceptions and violations do still present.

We clearly know that the previous generations were used to taking primitive means of transport such as camels and horse carriages, and how much effort they had been exerting in regard to travel duration, distance, and physical endurance towards several circumstances such as the surrounding weather at those times. Advanced means such as cars and trains have recently become a superb replacement, but some troubles are still arising even with their presence: Let us suppose you are traveling a considerable distance, and you need your car in company, but at the same time you cannot drive it all the way, which may be attributed to a number of reasons. Regardless of what the true reasons and causes are, technology has assertively intervened in this matter too, bringing up to us what is called the AVT train, which is assumed to be an abbreviation of “Advanced Vehicle Transport”.

The AVT project has been put under development and construction for a couple of years now. It is anticipated to have a transport technique which includes the cars and their owners: the plan put so far allows the customer to escort the “shuttle” alongside their car, and the shuttle afterwards goes to the selected destination. Upon arrival, the customer can simply get off and start their car immediately. It is also anticipated to have the shuttle carrying a considerable number of vehicles in a considerably short time, as no stations will be encountered during the journey.

To conclude, it is worth admitting how effective and desirable this innovation is going to become. In the meantime, however, all we can do is to keep going with our regular lifestyle, until this extremely brilliant replacement attends and we start accustoming ourselves to its utilization.



Credit to SolaTrek and FranDak YouTube Channel.